Logo Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 2

Lots of people are really crazy for Logo Quiz Game for iPhone. So you are almost at the last level and you get stuck at level 8. Here is the Logo Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 2 for iPhone to help you out.



– big letter ‘a’ in sky-blue color =ABBOTT=






– there is a phrase of ‘Country of Sweden’ with letters ‘T’ and ‘A’ =ABSOLUTE VODKA=




– this is a black and white curve over a black and solid shape =ADIO=



– this is an arrow shape having curved corners =AIR NEW ZEALAND=



– letter ‘n’ and a red arrow that points to the right having a shadow arrow n grey =AUSTRALIAN AIRLINES=




– this is red circle having a black bat inside =BACARDI=






–  a dark pink circle with a square inside =BANK OF CHINA=





– there is a hallow grey text like ‘TERH’ =CATERHAM=



– a green rectangle with red line at the bottom and a white check =CATHAY PACIFIC=



– this is a metallic silver oval having an arrow at the center pointing up =CHERY=



– Chinese characters in black and a blue plane tail with a red symbol inside =CHINA SOUTHERN=




– with a phrase ‘aged 12 years’ inside a red oval above the gold background emblem =CHIVAS REGAL=




– a black letter ‘C’ =COORS=




– blue letters ‘j’ ‘t’ and ‘B’ =JETBLUE=




– a dark blue eagle flying in side view =JOMA=






– a black paw print with claws =KELME=





– black letters ‘K’ and ‘Z’ =KENZO=



– a light blue crown =KLM=




– a metallic silver oval having red diamond at the center =LANDWIND=




– a black horse in a blue and green background box =LLOYDS=





– a red-orange circle that is cut looking like modified letter ‘M’ =MAHINDRA=





– a blue outline of a bull with 1 foot off the ground =MERRIL LYNCH=





– blue letters ‘i’ and ‘K’ with  having star in place of a dot =MIKASA=



– there are two pairs of vertical pink lines having white space between them =PALLMALL=




– a sun ray pattern having 6 yellow-gold pieces with solid red bottoms =PETRO CHINA=






– a yellow lion holding a globe at the blue background =ROYAL BANK OF CANADA=





– a grey symbol looking like a rake head =SAINT GOBAIN=




– a gold bird made of the three golden lines =SINGAPORE AIRLINES=






– an orange and blue flag that looks like petals of a flower =SPANAIR=




– a blue circle with a hole in the center looking like a keyhole =STATE BANK OF INDIA=






– there are 4 blue ‘S’s’ inside a diamond that also looks like square =SUN MICROSYSTEMS=






– a white teddy bear =TOUS=






– a grey silhouette of an American flag =US AIRWAYS=



– a grey letter ‘g’ with a yellow dot above it =VUELING=



– letters ‘W’ and ‘T’ having blue box and white arrow inside =WESTJET=



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Curved blue line that looks like a lowercase “a” and resembles a paperclip
A shape similar to ‘a’ letter in blue
Hint 1: Founded by Dr. Wallace C. ABBOTT in 1885
Hint 2: Has one word. A _ _ _ _ T
Hint 3: Pharmaceuticals health care company

“Country of Sweden” with “ta”
‘T’ and ‘A’ letter with ‘country’
Hint 1: Has two words. A B _ _ _ U T V _ _ _ A
Hint 2: It is a brand of vodka, produced near Ahus, Skane, in southern Sweden
Hint 3: Third largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff

Black and white curve above a solid black shape
A black curvy shape with white as the border line
Hint 1: Is a skateboarding footwear and clothing company, founded in 1998
Hint 2: Its name is pronounced “audio” or “ad-e-o”
Hint 3: Has four letters. A _ _ O

Arrow shape with curved corners
Two blue lines form a curvy shape
Hint 1: Is the national airline and flag carrier of NEW ZEALAND
Hint 2: Has three words. A _ _ N _ _ Z _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 3: Is currently the only airline to circumnavigate the world

“n” and a red arrow pointing to the right with a shadow below it
‘n’ letter with two triangular shape in red and white
Hint 1: Headquartered in Vienna international Airport and subsidiary of Lufthansa.
Hint 2: Has two word. A _ _ _ _ _ N A _ _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: Is the flag carrier airline of AUSTRIA.

Red circle with a black bat logo
Black border line with a bat in it
Hint 1: Founded by Facund BACARDI Masson, Catalan wine merchant, in 1862 in Cuba.
Hint 2: It is a family-controlled spirits company.
Hint 3: “The Original Cuba Libre” and the Daiquiri were both born with this brand rum

Pink circle with a square in the center and a line through it
A symbol of an ancient Chinese coin in red
Hint 1: One of the big four state-owned commercial banks of CHINA
Hint 2: 5th largest bank in the world by market capitalization value
Hint 3: Has three words. B _ _ K _ F C _ _ _ A

Hollow grey text
‘terh’ letter
Hint 1: Is a British company founded in 1973 by Graham Nearn
Hint 2: Has one word. C _ _ _ _ _ _ M
Hint 3: Manufacturer of specialist lightweight sports cars based in Caterham, Surrey

Blue rectangle with a red line at the bottom and a white streak, arrow, or check mark in the middle.
A green rectangle with a red line under it and a white wing in it
Hint 1: Name comes from the ancient name given to China, derived from “Khitan”
Hint 2: Has two words. C _ _ _ _ Y P _ _ _ _ _ C
Hint 3: Is the flag carrier of Hong Kong

Metallic silver oval with an arrow in the middle pointing up
A red oval line with ‘A’ letter in it
Hint 1: Is a state-owned automobile manufacturer.
Hint 2: Has one word. C _ _ _ Y
Hint 3: Is a Chinese company

Blue airplane wing with a red symbol on it and Chinese writing
Mandarin character with a blue plane tail at the end
Hint 1: Is an airline headquartered in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.
Hint 2: World’s fifth-largest airline measured by passengers, and Asia’s largest airline.
Hint 3: Has two words. C _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“aged 12 years” logo in a red oval over a gold background emblem
A royal-like symbol with ‘royal’ letter in it and number 12
Hint 1: It is a blended Scotch whisky produced by CHIVAS Brothers
Hint 2: It was first established in 1801 in Aberdeen, Scotland
Hint 3: Has two words. C _ _ _ _ S R _ _ _ L

Black cursive “C” with a thin border and the tail of the “C” crossing back across the letter
A modified ‘C’ letter in black and white border line surrounds it
Hint 1: It is the third-largest brewer in the United States
Hint 2: Established in 1873 by Adolph COORS and Jacob Schueler
Hint 3: Has one word. C _ _ _ S

“j”, “t”, “B” in blue lettering with lowercase “jt” and uppercase “B”
‘j’, ‘t’ and ‘B’ letter in blue
Hint 1: The logo color is now a dark, navy BLUE
Hint 2: Is an American low-cost airline
Hint 3: Has one word. J _ _ _ _ _ E

Blue eagle facing left
Hint 1: Has four letter. J _ _ A
Hint 2: Currently produces footwear and apparel for football, running and tennis.
Hint 3: Is a Spanish sportswear manufacturer.

Black paw print logo with claws
A bear footprint in black
Hint 1: Is a Spanish firm that creates sport shoes founded in 1977 by Diego and Jose Quiles.
Hint 2: K _ _ _ E is headquartered in Spain, but has other offices worldwide including a US Divsion in North Carolina.

“K” and “Z” made from black lines
‘K’ and ‘Z’ letters
Hint 1: Kenzo Takada (???? Takada Kenzo, born 27 February 1939 in Himeji, Japan) is a Japanese fashion designer
Hint 2: Has one word. K _ _ _ O
Hint 3: Is a worldwide brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes

Light blue crown with four dots
A blue line, four blue circles and a cross sign look like a crown
Hint 1: Has three letters. K _ _
Hint 2: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N. V
Hint 3: Is the national airline of the Netherlands

Metallic silver oval with a red diamond in the middle
An silver oval border line with a red diamond in it and white curvy shape in the diamond
Hint 1: In the LAND of WIND.
Hint 2: Is a Chinese-built sport utility vehicle.
Hint 3: Has one word. L _ _ _ _ _ _ D

Black horse in a blue and green background box
A horse silhouette with blue and green background
Hint 1: Has two words. L _ _ _ _ _ T _ _
Hint 2: Merge of Lloyds Bank, established in 1765 with the TSB Group founded in 1810
Hint 3: Is a retail bank in the United Kingdom

Red-orange circle or oval that appears to have a road going through it
An orange oval with three lines in it that connected to the oval
Hint 1: Is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai, India
Hint 2: Founded by JC and KC MAHINDRA and Ghulam Mohammad
Hint 3: The group has a presence in aerospace, agribusiness, automotive…

Blue bull with one leg off the ground
A bull with a leg lift
Hint 1: Has two words. M _ _ _ _ L L _ _ _ H
Hint 2: Founded in 1914 by Charles E. MERRILL and Edmund C. LYNCH
Hint 3: Wealth management division of Bank of America

Blue “IK” with a star above it
‘I’ and ‘K’ letter in blue with a star on it
Hint 1: Sports equipment company based in Japan.
Hint 2: Provides official balls for Volleyball worldwide competitions.
Hint 3: Has 6 letters. M _ _ _ _ A

Two pairs of vertical pink lines with white space between them
A grey square border line with two red double ‘l’ in it
Hint 1: Has two words. P _ _ _ M _ _ _
Hint 2: The name comes from a well-known street in London.
Hint 3: Brand of cigarettes produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Star burst or sun ray pattern with six yellow-gold pieces and a solid red bottom
Flower like logo with orange and red filling color
Hint 1: Chinese oil company
Hint 2: Has one word. P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A
Hint 3: Was the world’s most valuable company as of September 28th 2010

Yellow lion on a blue background holding a globe
A blue rectangle with an orange symbol of lion that hold the world
Hint 1: The largest financial institution in Canada
Hint 2: The company corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario
Hint 3: Has four words. R _ _ _ L B _ _ K _ F C _ _ _ _ _

Grey symbol that looks like a comb
A symbol like a bridge that higher in the middle in grey color
Hint 1: French multinational corporation, founded in 1665 in Paris.
Hint 2: Has two words. S _ _ _ T G _ _ _ _ N
Hint 3: Originally a mirror manufacturer. It now also produces construction materials.

Gold bird made from three gold lines
A long orange line and symbol of a bird at the tip of the line
Hint 1: Was the launch customer of Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner
Hint 2: Is the flag carrier of Singapore
Hint 3: Has two words. S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Orange and blue flag – appears to be waving
‘p’ and ‘r’ letter with a flag in a half orange and a half blue
Hint 1: It is a SPANish AIRline
Hint 2: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ _ R
Hint 3: It was, until 2009, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines

Blue circle with a white line and dot entering from the bottom
A blue circle with a white circle connected to a white line in it
Hint 1: “With you all the way”, “Pure banking nothing else”, “The Banker to every Indian”
Hint 2: Has four words. S _ _ _ E B _ _ K _ F I _ _ _ A
Hint 3: It is the largest Indian banking and financial services company

Four blue “S’s” in the shape of a diamond or square
A diamond with eight ‘U’ shapes that composed it
Hint 1: Was a company that sold computers, components, software and technology services
Hint 2: The name is derived from Stanford University Network. S _ _ M I C R O _ _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: Prior to the acquisition by Oracle, the headquarters were in Santa Clara,

White teddy bear logo
A white teddy bear
Hint 1: Manufactures jewelry, bags, watches, perfumes, eyeglasses, textiles…
Hint 2: Founded in 1920 by Salvador TOUS Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas
Hint 3: Has one word. T _ _ S

Grey American flag (U.S.)
A circle and five line in grey like US flag
Hint 1: Has two words. U _ A _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 2: 6th largest airline by traffic and 8th largest by market value in the country
Hint 3: It is a major airline based in the US city of Tempe, Arizona

Grey “g” with a yellow dot above it
‘g’ letter
Hint 1: “Be Vueling my friend”, “My name is Ling. Vue Ling”
Hint 2: It is an airline based in El Prat de Llobregat, near Barcelona, Spain
Hint 3: Has one word. V _ _ _ _ _ G

“W” and “T” with a blue and turquoise box and white arrow inside
Double ‘T’ letter with blue and green color And a square with two green triangle and a blue triangle
Hint 1: Founded in 1996, it is currently the 2nd largest Canadian air carrier.
Hint 2: It is a Canadian low-cost carrier.
Hint 3: Has one word. W _ _ _ _ _ T


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