Logo Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 2 for iPhone

Going through with this additive Logo Quiz Game in your iPhone and get stuck at Level 7, below is the walk through for Logo Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 2 for iPhone. Check this out and see how this can be a great help to your game progression.



– a grey circle with a modified letter ‘A’ inside =ACURA=




– 2 blue squares, the first one has white letter ‘A’ inside =ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ=




– a blue filled rectangle with white letter ‘G’ inside =AIG=




– a red circle border having red maple leaf inside =AIR CANADA=





– characters looking like waves but they are letters ‘A’, ‘I’ and ‘W’ =AIWA=



– dark grey rectangle with letters ‘A’ at the left side and letter ‘L’ at the right side with triangle at the middle with another orange triangle at the top =ALCATEL=




– a grey rectangle with a maroon slash bar and letter ‘R’ inside =AMSTRAD=




– an orange yellow knot with a ring above it =AUNTIE ANNES=






– a maze like image in blue =BANK OF BRASIL=





– a blue rectangle with 25 dots forming a square inside =BRITA=





– this is a black border of a circle having 3 shields inside =BUICK=





– a red arrow pointing left and a blue anchor =CARREFOUR=




– a black circle with an eye inside =CBS=






– 2 letter ‘C’s crossing each other in color blue =CHINA   TELECOM=




– a red braided rope =CHINA UNICOM=




– this is a square border in blue with a blue slanting line in bold at the middle =DEUTSCHE BANK=




– this is a black square logo having two ovals connected point to point and a half circle in white color =ELECTROLUX=





– a black circle border with an arrow heads pointing up =ELEMENT=




– a brown-colored circle border with letter ‘I’ in brown inside =ICBC=




– a silver border with triangle at the bottom =INFINITI=



– red letters ‘I’ and ‘S’ =ISUZU=



– a red orange circle with thorns with white letters ‘M’ and ‘L’ apart =MATTEL=






– this is silver colored symbol with a big letter ‘M’ =MAZDA=




– black outlines standing rectangle with red letter ‘M’, and  blue letter ‘B’ =MILTON BRADLEY=




– a red letter ‘o’ and a blue letter ‘l’ =MOBIL=




– a black big letter ‘O’ =OAKLEY=



– a black circle with a white head of a man in side view =PBS=




– 9 cubes in different colors forming diamond =POLAROID=





– a circle form with dots in orange color =REUTERS=




– a modified silver letter ‘S’ in a red square background =SEAT=




– red letters ‘R’ and ‘P’ =SHARP=

– a black outlined hexagon with letters ‘O’ ‘E’ and ‘I’ =SHOEI=



– a black filled square with a white skull inside =SKULL CANDY=


– a black jumping panther facing right =SLAZENGER=



– a pink letter ‘T’ with 4 grey blocks lined in the middle =T-MOBILE=


– a yellow letter ‘y’ and an orange letter ‘o’ =YOIGO=




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Silver circle with a silver arrow pointing up (resembles an “A”)
Silver circle border line with a silver head arrow in it
Hint 1: Is a luxury division of a japanese company that belongs to the automotive industry
Hint 2: Introduced under the slogan, “A _ _ _ A. Prevision Crafted Performance.”
Hint 3: The brand has been available in the United States and Canada since March 1986

Two blue squares, one with a white “A” inside
Two blue squares with ‘A’ letter
Hint 1: Founded by Adolfo Dominguex, who was born in Ourense, in northern Spain
Hint 2: It is a clothing company with more than 600 stores worldwide
Hint 3: Has two words. A _ _ _ _ O D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Z

Blue rectangle with “G” in white uppercase text
A blue rectangle with ‘G’ letter in it
Hint 1: Short word for American International Group
Hint 2: Has three letters. A _ _
Hint 3: American insurance corporation

Leaf in a red circle (red maple leaf)
A red circle border line with a red maple leaf in it
Hint 1: Is the flag carrier and largest ariline of Canada
Hint 2: It is the world’s nonth largest passenger airline by number of destinations
Hint 3: Has two words. A _ _ C _ _ _ _ _

Red “AIW” where the “W” is a jagged red line
A character likes a wave but actually they are ‘A’, ‘I’ and ‘W’ letters
Hint 1: Has 4 letters. A _ _ A
Hint 2: Was a Japanese consumer electronics company, founded in 1951, now owned by Sony
Hint 3: It produced audio and video equipment in the 1970s and 1980s

Grey rectangle with an orange triangle above it and the letter “A”, “A”, and “L”
‘A’ and ‘L’ letter with two opposite triangle
Hint 1: Has 7 letters. A _ _ _ _ _ L
Hint 2: Global telecommunications corporation, headquartered in Paris, France
Hint 3: Merged with Lucent Technologies on December 1, 2006

Grey rectangle with a red stripe and letter “R” in white
A grey rectangle with ‘R’ in it
Hint 1: Has one word. A _ _ _ _ _ D
Hint 2: British electronics company founded in 1968 by Alan Sugar
Hint 3: The name is a contraction of Alan Michael Sugar TRADing

Gold pretzel with a halo on top (halo floating above it)
An orange shape that tied each other on the tip and a golden ring on it
Hint 1: Started as a market stand in the Downingtown, Pennsylvania Farmer’s Market
Hint 2: It is an American chain of pretzel bakeries founded by ANNE F. Beiler
Hint 3: Has two words. A _ _ _ _ E A _ _ _ S

Blue line forming what looks like two stacked diamonds or a knot
A yellow rectangle with a braid character in blue in it
Hint 1: Headquartered in Brasilia, was founded in 1808 and is the oldest bank in Brazil
Hint 2: The major Brazilian and Latin American bank by assets
Hint 3: Has three words. B _ _ _ O _ O B _ _ _ _ L

Blue rectangle with blue and white dots forming a square inside on the left
A blue rectangle with a square formed by twenty five circles
Hint 1: German company founded in 1966 specialized in water filtration products
Hint 2: The founder Heinz Hankammer, had a daughter called BRITA
Hint 3: In 2008, returned to the North American market under the brand Mavea

Three black shields in a circle inside a square
A black circle border line with three shield in it
Hint 1: The oldest luxury cars manufacturer in America
Hint 2: Is an American company that belongs to the automotive industry
Hint 3: Has one word. B _ _ _ K

White “C” on a red and blue box that appears to form a red and blue arrow
A diamond with red and blue filling color and white ‘C’ letter in it
Hint 1: Has one word. C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R
Hint 2: It is a French international hypermarket chain
Hint 3: The third largest retail group in the world in profit after Wal-Mart and Tesco

White eye shape in a black circle
A black circle with an eye in it
Hint 1: The name comes from Columbia Broadcasting System
Hint 2: Major US television network, which started as a radio network
Hint 3: Has three letters. C _ _

Two blue “C’s” connected together
Two curvy shapes that formed ‘C’ letter and ‘T’ letter in blue
Hint 1: Chinese state-owned company
Hint 2: It is the 3rd largest mobile telecommunication provider in CHINA
Hint 3: Has two words. C _ _ _ A T _ _ _ _ _ M

Red design that looks like two hearts tied together
Red braid that mostly curve
Hint 1: Chinese telecommunications operator
Hint 2: Has two words. C _ _ _ A U _ _ _ _ M
Hint 3: Founded as a government-owned corporation in 1994

Blue square with blue diagonal line
A blue square border line with a sideways blue rectangle in it
Hint 1: Has two words. D _ _ _ _ _ _ E B _ _ K
Hint 2: Founded in Germany in 1870 as a specialist bank for foreign trade in Berlin
Hint 3: Financial service company with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany

Black square with a white circle inside and a symbol in the middle
Black square with two curvy shapes and a half circle in white
Hint 1: Formed from a cooperative agreement between Svenska Elektron AB and Lux AB
Hint 2: Has one word. E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ X
Hiint 3: One of the largest home appliance manufacturer in the world

Black circle with a tree and broken outer circle
A black circle border line circle with a head arrow point up
Hint 1: In the logo are represented the four ELEMENTS fire, earth, water and wind
Hint 2: It is a subsidiary of Australian clothing giants Billabong International
Hint 3: Is a skateboard manufacturer and surfwear retailer

Red circle with two boxy lines or symbols inside
A brown circle with mirroring curvy line in it
Hint 1: Has four letters. I _ _ C
Hint 2: The largest Bank of China’s “Big Four” state-owned commercial banks
Hint 3: “Industrial and Commercial Bank of China”

Metallic silver oval with an arrow at the bottom
A silver oval border line with a triangle at the bottom
Hint 1: Started selling vehicles 1989
Hint 2: Is the luxury division of automaker Nissan
Hint 3: Has one word. I _ _ _ _ _ _ I

Red “Is” lettering
‘I’ and ‘S’ letters
Hint 1: Is a Japanese car and truck manufacutring company
Hint 2: Has one word. _ _ _ _ U
Hint 3: Their diesel engines are used by Renault, Opel and GM

Jagged circular red seal with a white “M” and “L”
Orange circle with ‘M’ and ‘L’ letter in it
Hint 1: Is the world’s largest toy company based on revenue
Hint 2: Name is derived from Harold “MATT” Matson and Ellito Handler, the founders
Hint 3: Products: Fisher Price, Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels, Masters of the Universe…

Metallic silver oval with silver wings in the middle
A silver symbol with big ‘M’
Hint 1: Is a Japanese automotive manufacturer
Hint 2: The logo is a symbolic development of “M” for M _ _ _ A
Hint 3: Provides “Zoom-Zoom” cars that are fun to drive

Red “M” and blue “B” in a black square or box
A black square border line with red ‘M’ letter and blue ‘B’ letter in it
AHint 1: merican game company established by Milton Bradley in Springfield
Hint 2: Two words: M _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 3: Battleship, Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Simon, Twister

Red “o” and blue “l” with white space between
‘o’ and ‘l’ letter
Hint 1: Previously known as the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company
Hint 2: Has one word. M _ _ _ L
Hint 3: American oil company which merged with Exxon in 1999

Black oval shaped “O”
Big ‘O’ letter
Hint 1: Has one word. O _ _ _ _ Y
Hint 2: Was started by Jim Janard in 1975 with an initial investment of $300
Hint 3: Sells sport equipment including sunglasses, visors and ski goggles

White head in a black circle
Black circle with two white faces and a black face in it
Hint 1: American non-profit public broadcasting television service
Hint 2: Has three letters. P _ _
Hint 3: Public Broadcasting Service

Multi-color square logo
A diamond with combination of red, yellow and blue color and ‘d’ letter beside
Hint 1: International consumer electronics originally founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land
Hint 2: It is most famous for its instant film cameras
Hint 3: Has 8 letters. P _ _ _ _ _ _ D

Spiral of gold dots
A circle that formed by lot small orange
Hint 1: Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 2: Founded by Paul Julius REUTER
Hint 3: Is a global news agency headquartered in London

Silver “S” with a red border and red lines through the middle
Modified ‘S’ letter in silver with red background
Hint 1: Is a Spanish cars manufacturer
Hint 2: Acronym for Sociedad Espanola de Automóvilles de Turismo
Hint 3: Ibiza, Leon, Altea, Exeo, Alhambra, Toledo are some models

Red “RP” in thin uppercase font
‘R’ and ‘p’ letters in red
Hint 1: Products: Television, Audiovisual, Communication equipment, Home appliances
Hint 2: Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures electronic products
Hint 3: One of its founder’s first inventions was the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil

Black hexagon with “oei” inside in black letters
A hexagon with ‘O’, ‘E’ and ‘I’ letter in it
Hint 1: Japanese company that produces a popular line of motorsport helmets
Hint 2: Sponsors several MotoGP riders, like Chris Vermeulen and Toni Elias
Hint 3: Has 5 letters. S _ _ _ I

White skull in black square
A black square with a skull in it
hinmt 1: Produced two designs of Skullcrushers featuring rapper Snoop Dogg themed designs
Hint 2: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Y
Hint 3: Markets headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks…

Black cat jumping or lunging to the right
A jumping panther silhouette
Hint 1: Has 9 letters. S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R
Hint 2: The company was known as Slazengers Sykes Gradidge and Ayres
Hint 3: British sports equipment brand name sold throughout the world

Pink “T” with four grey squares in a line through the center
A pink ‘T’ letter and four grey squares
Hint 1: It operates several GSM networks in Europe and the United States
Hint 2: T M _ _ _ _ E is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom
Hint 3: German wireless services provider

Yellow “Y” and orange “O” separated by white space
‘Y’ and ‘O’ letter
Hint 1: The name was chosen to reflect the simplicity in rates and ease of use
Hint 2: Is the fourth mobile phone operator with a network of its own in Spain
Hint 3: Has 5 letters. _ _ I G _


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