Learning the Logo Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 1 for iPhone

Logo Quiz Game is such an exciting game you can’t easily left undone. If you are stuck at level 4, here is the Logo Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 1 for iPhone. This will help you complete the level if ever you are trapped to some logos.

– letter ‘E’ in blue with a red slanting rectangle beside it =AIR FRANCE=



– a black cube looking like a dice =ANIC=






– letters ‘B’, ‘B’ and ‘Y’  inside a circle =BAYER=






– letter ‘B’ form from 2 black circles =BREIL=




– a letter ‘B’ with a red triangle =BRIDGESTONE=





– this is a curved arrow =BURTON=





– 1 flag with black and white colors and the other flag with red color having cross inside =CORVETTE=



– a yellow rectangle having ‘L’ inside =DHL=





– this is a back to back half circle with a black background =DOLBY=




– color red oval with a white shade at the bottom part right side =DR PEPPER=




– circle with silver border filled with maroon color =FIAT=




– 2 globes with cracks looking like like soccer balls =FIFA=




– a blue square with big letter ‘O’ in yellow with red letter ‘F’ inside =FOSTERS=





– this is an orange emblem having white modified ‘G’ logo from the middle =GALP=





– a blue square box with letter ‘G’ inside =GAP=





– 2 slashes and letter ‘H’ in black =GILLETTE=




– letters ‘g’, ‘s’ and k in an orange background =GLAXO SMITH KLINE=





– an oval frame border in light brown color =HAAGEN DAZ=



– 2 black ‘M’ in bold letters =HUMMER=


– an old man with eye glasses wearing a red apron in a red background =KFC=




– a red square with white letter ‘L’ inside =LEGO=





– a red circle with outer layers of white, grey and black =LUCKY STRIKE=




– a yellow orange circle with a blue border and a flying blue bird inside =LUFTHANSA=




– a brown octagon border filled with light brown stripe inside =MG=




– a yellow square with letter ‘N’ at the lower bottom right inside =NIKON=




– a mountain with stars surrounding it with a phrase ‘A Viacom Company’ =PARAMOUNT=




– a blue circle with hands forming heart =ROXY=





– a blue square with an image like a man with wings =RYANAIR=




–  this is an arranged logo with 9 blue triangles and 7 white triangles =TDK=




– a red sphere with 2 lines in grey forming an X =XEROX=




– a blue circle with white ‘Z’ inside =ZURICH=





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Logo quiz answers level 4  logo quiz answers level4

logo quiz answers part 4












Small “E” with a red mark
Start with letter “A” and end with letter “E”
Hint 1: Is the French flag carrier headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, France
Hint 2: Is one of the world’s largest airlines
Hint 3: Has two words. A _ _ F _ _ _ _ _

Black 3 dimensional looking box with open white sides
Sponsors extreme sports events and is headquartered in Pamplona, Spain
Clothing company founded by Inigo Perez, Enrique Morte and Sergio Apestieguia
Has one word. A _ _ C

Open circle with “B”, Y”, “B” inside
Letters “BBRR” in circle
Hint 1: Chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863
Hint 2: Founded in Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich Weskott
Hint 3: Well-known for its original brand of aspirin

Black oval rings connected together
“Don’t touch my B _ _ _ L”
Italian watch and jewelry company founded in 1906
Charlize Theron and Edward Norton use their products

Black and red “B” logo with a thin border
black letter “B” with red triangle
Hint 1: Is a Japanese company
Hint 2: Produces motor vehicle tires
Hint 3: Calque translation of ishibashi

Thick curved black arrow
Thick curved solid black arrow
Hint 1: Founded by Jake Burton Corpenter in 1977
Hint 2: Professional snowboard team includes Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen…
Hint 3: Specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders: boards, boots…

Checkered flag and red flag
Hint 1: The first model, a convertible, was designed by Harley Earl
Hint 2: C _ _ _ _ _ _ E is a sports car by the Chevrolet division of General Motors
Hint 3: Has six generations, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6

Yellow rectangle with red letters
letters “DL” in yellow rectangle
Hint 1: Has three letters. D _ _
Hint 2: Division of Deutsche Post providing international express mail services
Hint 3: Name comes from founders names, Adrian Dalsey, Robert Lynn and Larry Hillblom

Black rectangle with hourglass shape in the middle
Hint 1: Founded by Ray DOLBY in Britain in 1965
Hint 2: American company specialized in audio noise reduction and audio encoding
Hint 3: Has 5 letters. D _ _ _ Y

Empty red oval
Letter “P” end with “r” in red oval
Hint 1: Has two words. D _ P _ _ _ _ R
Hint 2: It is a soft drink, marketed as having a unique flavor
Hint 3: The drink was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton of Waco, Texas

Metallic silver circle with a red center
Hint 1: Is the Italy’s largest carmaker
Hint 2: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
Hint 3: Founded by Giovanni Agnelli

Two (2) globes together in a soccer ball pattern
Hint 1: Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and its current president is Sepp Blatter
Hint 2: International Federation of Association Football, known by the French acronym
Hint 3: Has one word. F _ _ A

Ref “f” in a circle or yellow “o” on a square blue background
Blue box with a yellow “O” and red “F” inside
Hint 1: Has one word. F _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 2: Internationally distributed Australian brand of 5.0% abv pale lager
Hint 3: “The Amber Nectar” in Australia and the UK, and “Australian for “Beer” elsewhere

Orange circle with white “G” in the middle
Solid orange circular background with a white shape inside
Hint 1: Portuguese corporation engaged in activities such as natural gas supply
Hint 2: Petroleum exploration, production, refining, trading, logistics and retailing
Hint 3: Has four letters. G _ _ P

Blue rectangle with white “G”
White letter “G” in a navy blue box
Hint 1: Has one word. _ A _
Hint 2: American clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco
Hint 3: Founded by Donald and Doris Fisher in August 21, 1969

“ll” and “tt” in black letters
Hint 1: Has one word. G _ _ _ _ _ _ E
Hint 2: It is a brand of Procter & Gamble currently used for safety razors
Hint 3: Their slogan is “The Best a Man Can Get”

“gsk” in orange circle
Orange background shape with white “gsk”
Hint 1: World’s thrid largest pharmaceutical company measured by revenues
Hint 2: Has three words. G _ _ _ O S _ _ _ H K _ _ _ E
Hint 3: Global pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company

Curly red emblem with a white background
Hint 1: Has two words. H _ _ _ _ N D _ _ S
Hint 2: It is a brand of ice cream, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in NY
Hint 3: Pronounced /’ha:g?nda:s/

Uppercase black “MM”
Hint 1: It began selling a civilian version of the Humvee
Hint 2: Manufactures luxury SUVs, trucks…
Hint 3: H _ _ _ _ R. “Like nothing else”

Man with moustache and bow tie in a red apron
Hint 1: Chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hint 2: Has three letters. K _ _
Hint 3: Primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads and sandwiches

Red square with white letter “L” inside
Red square with letters “L O”
Hint 1: Is a line of construction toys
Hint 2: Name comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”
Hint 3: Colorful interlocking plastic bricks and various other parts

Red circle in black outline
Hint 1: Was first introduced by R. A. Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, in 1871
Hint 2: Has two words. L _ _ _ Y S _ _ _ _ E
Hint 3: It is a brand of American cigarettes, often referred to as “Luckies.”

Solid yellow circle with a blue bird inside
Hint 1: Name comes from the German word for “air”, and Hansa (a medieval trading group)
Hint 2: Has one word. L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A
Hint 3: Is the flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe

Gold octagon with a red border
Hint 1: Has two letters. M _
Hint 2: Is a British sports car manufacturer
Hint 3: Got its name from Morris Garages, one of the founders

Yellow square with white stripes and black “N”
Hint 1: The name _ _ _ _ N, is a merging of Nippon K?çgaku “Japan Optical” and an imitation of Zeiss’s brand Ikon
Hint 2: Multinational corp headquartered in Tokyo specializing in optics and imaging
Hint 3: Its products include cameras, binoculars, microscopes, measurement instruments

White mountain inside a black circle
Hint 1: The company, founded in 1912, is located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood
Hint 2: Two words. P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 3: American film production and distribution company

Blue circle with hands making a heart in white
Light blue circle with a blue heart shape in a white symbol
Hint 1: The olympic snowboarder, Torah Bright is part of his team
Hint 2: The fashion apparel brand for young women launched by Quiksilver
Hint 3: Has 4 letters. R _ _ Y

Blue square yellow angel harp
Dark blue box with a yellow angel figure
Hint 1: Is an Irish low-cost airline with its head office at Dublin Airport
Hint 2: Was founded in 1985 by Christopher RYAN, Liam Lonergan and Tony RYAN
Hint 3: Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ R

Cluster of blue and white triangles
Hint 1: Japanese company founded in 1935
Hint 2: Manufactures electronic components and recording and data-storage media
Hint 3: Tokyo Denki Kogoku

Red circle with white “x” inside – also resembles a red globe with a white cross
Solid red circle with two white stripes forming an “X”
Hint 1: Global document management company founded in 1906
Hint 2: Products: Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Faxes, Projectors, Displays
Hint 3: Has 5 letters. X _ _ _ X

White “Z” inside a solid blue circle
Hint 1: Has one word. Z _ _ _ _ H
Hint 2: Major financial services group based in ZURICH, Switzerland
Hint 3: Founded in 1872 as subsidiary of the Schweiz Marine Insurance Company


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