Getting to Know Logo Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 1 for iPhone

Have you passed the level 4 without difficulties and now you are in level 5? Then here is the Logo Quiz Answers Level 5 part 1 for iPhone for your walkthrough. This is helpful to finish the level quick.




– a blue ‘A’ and a red ‘A’ having a blue eagle in between the letters =AMERICAN AIRLINES=





– a light blue eagle =BARCLAYS=





– there are three black-colored squares =BBC=




– this is a man with a pen on his back in yellow dress =BIC=





– there are 7 letter ‘D’ like form in black colors =BLACKBERRY=




– letters ‘r’, ‘t’ and ‘r’ in black =CARTIER=




– a blue octagon with a white square inside =CHASE=







– this is a light blue 4 equal signs forming a diamond =COLUMBIA=





– black letters ‘E’ and two ‘L’s =DURACELL=



– red letters ‘E’ and ‘P’ =ESPN=



– a blue oval outline with red letter ‘O’ inside =ESSO=






– letters ‘G’ and ‘M’ with underline in blue =GENERAL MOTOR=





–  an arc form in colors gold and green with year ‘1869’ below =HEINZ=




– a red square outlined with gold color and a gold letter ‘H’ inside =HISTORY CHANNEL=






– this s an orange lion =ING=




– a white roaring tiger =JAGUAR=





– a black shade of a word and a red oval at the upper right with a white arc inside =JOHN SMITH=




– big red letter ‘J’ =JVC=




– a black letter ‘W’ with red upside triangle at the middle =KENWOOD=




– a green crocodile with a red tongue =LACOSTE=





– a badge outlined with metallic silver filed with blue and a silver circle inside =LANCIA=






– a black outlined triangle with a black rooster inside =LE COQ SPORTIF=





– 3 red diamonds connected forming a triangle =MITSUBISHI=





– a square filled with brown and a white letter ‘N’ inside =NESPRESSO=






– blue letters ‘O’, ‘M’ and ‘S’ underlined with yellow =OLYMPUS=




– a symbol in the left side an a black letter ‘R’ at the right side =PIXAR=




– a black bunny with bow tie =PLAYBOY=





– a red circle with an outline white circle inside and a red letter ‘G’  =ROTRING=




– a blue button with a red dragon with a crown inside =SAAB=






– a red letter ‘N’ = SANYO=





– a black filled square with a white arc forming an ‘S’ inside =SEPHORA=






– a white letter ‘i’ outlined with blue and a yellow dot =SPRITE=



– a red rectangle with white letter ‘N’ inside =STAPLES=





– two red hands holding a globe =TOMTOM=






– a black and white colored diamond =VOLCOM=







– this is a silver colored sphere cut in to 4 parts with the spaces forming like x colored in green =XBOX=






– letters ‘Y’ ‘S’ ‘L’ overlapping each other =YVES SAINT LAURENT





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Red and blue “A” logo with a blue eagle (uppercase letters)
Red “A” and a blue “A” with a blue eagle symbol in the middle (slightly above it)
Hint 1: Is an AMERICAN company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas
Hint 2: Has two words. A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Hint 3: Is the world’s fourth-largest airline in passenger miles transported

Light Blue phoenix
Blue outline of a phoenix (bird)
Hint 1: Global financial services company headquartered in Longdon, UK
Hint 2: Has one word. B _ _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: Name comes from James Barclay, son-in-law of one of the founders

Three black squares side by side
Three black boxes in a row
Hint 1: Has one word. B _ _
Hint 2: British public service broadcaster, headquartered in London
Hint 3: World’s first national broadcasting organisation and was founded in 1922

Man with a pen in a yellow shirt
Man in a yellow shirt holding a black pen behind his back
Hint 1: Manufactures lighters, pens, shaving razors and watersports products
Hint 2: Company based in Clichy, France, founded in 1945, by Baron Marcel Bich
Hint 3: Has 3 letters. B _ _

Seven (7) black curved dots arranged in a circular pattern
The inside portion of 4 letter B’s arranged in a circle (black)
Hint 1: The first device, the 850, was introduced in 1999 as a two-way pager in Munich, Germany
Hint 2: Has one word. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Y
Hint 3: Smartphone devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM)

Black cursive “rt” and “r” lettering
Smooth black text with “rt” and “r”
Hint 1: Was founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier
Hint 2: Has one word. C _ _ _ _ _ R
Hint 3: French luxury jeweler and watch manufacturer

Blue Octagon with a white square in the center
Blue Octagon made of 4 separate polygons with a white square in the middle
Hint 1: American multinational banking corporation investments and retail
Hint 2: Offers more than 5,100 branches and 16,100 ATMs nationwide
Hint 3: Has one word. C _ _ _ E

Eight small blue rectangles making four blue squares
Eight short blue lines arranged in the shape of a square or diamond
Hint 1: US company that manufactures and distributes outerwear and sportswear
Hint 2: Has one word. C _ _ _ _ _ _ A
Hint 3: Produces footwear, headgear, camping equipment, skiwear and accessories

Black “ell” text
Uppercase bold black “ELL”
Hint 1: The name is a portmanteau for DURAble CELL”
Hint 2: Manufactures alkaline batteries in common sizes: AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V
Hint 3: Is a brand of batteries manufactured by Procter & Gamble

Red “SP” lettering with a white line through it
Red “SP” text with a thin white line through the middle (TV network)
Hint 1: Has one word. E _ _ N
Hint 2: American cable television network focusing on sports-related programming
Hint 3: Jim Rome is Burning. Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption, The Beat

Blue oval with a red “o” in in on the right side
Red “o” in a blue oval (looks like an eye)
Hint 1: International trade name for ExxonMobil and its related companies
Hint 2: Has one word. E _ _ O
Hint 3: The name is derived from the initials of the pre-1911 Standard Oil

Uppercase “GM” with a blue line under it
Uppercase “GM” with a blue underline
Hint 1: Commonly known as GM
Hint 2: Divisions of this group: Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, Opel
Hint 3: Is an American multinational automaker based in Detroit, Michigan

Green wavy line logo – squiggly
Bent green horseshoe shape line logo
Hint 1: First introduced in 1876, it remains one of the best selling brands of ketchup
Hint 2: Has one word. H _ _ _ Z
Hint 3: Uses the slogan, “America’s Favorite Ketchup.”

Gold “H” in a red square with a gold border
Yellow “H” on a red background logo
Hint 1: Maintains a corporate initiative called Save Our History
Hint 2: International satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts historical programs
Hint 3: Two words. H _ _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _

Orange lion laying down with its tail in the air
Orange lion logo with a white face
Hint 1: Has two words. I _ _ D _ _ _ _ T
Hint 2: Internationale Nederlanden Groep
Hint 3: Financial institution offering banking, insurance and asset management services

Jumping cat facing to the left
Outline of a leaping cat (resembles a jaguar, cheetah, or mountain lion)
Hint 1: Was founded as Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922
Hint 2: Is a British luxury car manufacturer.
Hint 3: Has one word. J _ _ _ _ _ R

Red circle with a “C” facing backwards and a black background
Backwards facing “C” inside a red circle with a black background
Hint 1: It is sportswear manufacturer
Hint 2: Has two words. J _ _ N S _ _ _ H
Hint 3: Most common name and surname in UK also used for unidentified subjects

Large red “J” logo – hint: the company makes electronics
Plain red “J”
Hint 1: Best known for introducing Japan’s first tv, and developing the VHS video recorder
Hint 2: Japanese international consumer and professional electronics corporation
Hint 3: Has 3 letters. _ _ C

“W” with a red triangle above it
“W” with a red triangle (stereo equipment manufacturer)
Hint 1: Has one word. K _ _ _ _ _ D
Hint 2: The company first started in 1946 as the Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd.
Hint 3: Japanese manufacturer of amateur radio as well as Hi-Fi

Green alligator logo with an open mouth facing to the right
Little green alligator logo with its mouth open
Hint 1: French apparel company founded in 1933 that sells high-end clothing
Hint 2: Has one word. L _ _ _ _ _ E
Hint 3: Founded by René Lacoste and André Gillier in 1933

Blue shield with a silver circle and outline – metallic look
Blue shield with a metallic silver border and a silver circle inside
Hint 1: Is an Italian automobile manufacturer
Hint 2: The previous logo shows a LANCE and shield with flag
Hint 3: Ypsilon, Delta, Musa are some current models

Black rooster in a triangle logo
Black rooster in a triangle symbol
Hint 1: Is a French company producing sports equipment
Hint 2: The name derives from the Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France
Hint 3: Has three words. L _ _ _ Q S _ _ _ _ _ _

Three red diamonds arranged in the shape of a triangle
Three red diamonds touching at the tips forming the shape of a triangle
Hint 1: Is a Japanese community with a multitude of independent companies
Hint 2: Combination of japanese words “mitsu” (three) and “hishi” (water chestnut)
Hint 3: The motor company manufactures the “pajero”, the most famous SUV

Brown box with a white “N” in the middle
Brown square with a white “N” logo
Hint 1: The machines brew espressor from special capsules containing ground coffee
Hint 2: It is an operating unit of the Nestlé Group based in Lausanne, Switzerland
Hint 3: Has one word. N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O

Blue “oms” with a yellow line under it
Blue letters “oms”
Hint 1: Japan-based company that manufactures optics and reprography products
Hint 2: Has one word. O _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: Named after a mount, which is the home of gods of Greek mythology

Light and the letter “R” in black
Lamp and the letter “R” in black text
Hint 1: American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California
Hint 2: Began in 1979 as the Graphics Group, part of Lucasfilm
Hint 3: Twenty-six Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes, and three Grammys

Black rabbit with a bow tie
Hint 1: American men’s magazine that was founded by Hugh Hefner
Hint 2: Features photographs of nude women as well as journalism and fiction
Hint 3: Has one words. P _ _ _ _ _ Y

Red circle with a “g” – Be careful here! It’s not Target
Small red circle inside a larger red circle with the letter “g”– Hint: Be careful with this one and take your time, this one is easy to get confused with a common retail store. Many people answer this one wrong the first time!
Hint 1: German technical writing and drawing instruments company based in Hamburg
Hint 2: Literally means red ring, which is still placed around the barrel of their pens today
Hint 3: Has one word. R _ _ _ _ _ G

Red dragon in a blue circle
Small red dragon in a gradient blue circle with a blue ring around the outside
Hint 1: Has one word. S _ _ B
Hint 2: Acronym for Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget
Hint 3: Is a Swedish car manufacturer

Red “N” with blurred edges
Blurred red letter “N”
Hint 1: The headquarters are located in Moriguchi, Osaka prefecture, Japan
Hint 2: Major electronics company and member of the Fortune 500
Hint 3: The company’s name means three oceans in Japanese

Black square with a white “S” squiggle (black box)
Black box with a white “S” (stretched text)
Hint 1: Chain of cosmetics sotres founded in France in 1970
Hint 2: “sephos” (Greek word for “beauty”) and “Zipporah” (wife of Moses in the Book of Exodus)
Hint 3: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ _ A

“i” with a yellow dot above it
Hollow letter “i” with a yellow dot
Hint 1: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ E
Hint 2: Was introduced to the United States in 1961 to compete against 7 Up
Hint 3: Transparent, lemon-lime flavored, caffeine free soft drink

Red rectangle with a white “L” inside – tipped slightly off center
White letter “L” in a red rectangle background
Hint 1: It is a large office supply chain store
Hint 2: Has one word. S _ _ _ _ _ S
Hint 3: “Yeah, we’ve got that”, “You want it. We’ve got it”, “That was Easy”

Two red hands on a white on a ball, circle, globe or sphere logo
Two red hands on a silver ball (GPS navigation products)
Hint 1: Has 6 letters. T _ _ _ _ M
Hint 2: The company released its first navigator product in 2002
Hint 3: Dutch manufacturer of automotive navigation systems

Black spear tip
Alternating black and white triangles forming a spear shape
Hint 1: “Youth Against Establishment” and “Let the Kids Ride Free”
Hint 2: Has 6 letters. V _ _ _ _ M
Hint 3: Designer and distributor of premium quality young mens and womens clothing

Grey circle with a green “X” inside
Grey sphere or globe with a green “X” splitting the top
Hint 1: Is a video game console manufactured by Microsoft
Hint 2: Has 4 letters. X _ _ _
Hint 3: Was originally the DirectX box as it came from a group of Microsoft DirectX developers

Overlapping black “YSL”
Staggered letters “YSL” overlapping in a vertical row
Hint 1: Luxury fashion house founded by _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ T L _ _ _ _ _ T
Hint 2: Today, its chief designer is Stefano Pilati
Hint 3: Also known as YSL


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